Sunday, 26 May 2013

Quest for the best macaron in Sydney

I love a great macaron! I have a real weakness for those wonderful, colourful French confections: sweet, delicious and moist ganache filling sandwiched between two shells which are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside. The perfect macaron just melts in your mouth and leaves one craving for more! Listed below are my favourite macaron stores in Sydney. I will also put up more detailed posts about these stores when I find the time. This page will be regularly updated as and when I sample new and exciting macaron flavours!

My Top Three
1. MakMak (601 King St, Newtown): MakMak makes a consistently awesome macaron that are visually stunning, and have great texture and flavour. MakMak are always coming up with new flavour combinations that are creative and mostly hit the mark.
2. La Renaissance (47 Argyle St, The Rocks): Not as many different flavours as some other stores, but you can't go wrong with macarons at La Renaissance. They are very very good with the classic macaron flavours. The salted caramel is a real winner!
3. Cre Asion (21 Alberta St, Sydney): The place to go for wonderful Asian inspired flavours. I have found that there are some consistency issues as of late, particularly with the shells.

The Rest (in no particular order)            
Adriano Zumbo (various): Lots and lots of wacky flavours. I find Zumbo to be a bit hit and miss. Some flavours are really awesome (I still remember an apple and cinnamon flavour one I had years ago) and some flavours are just weird (and not in a good way).
Laduree (Westfield Sydney, Level 3): Pricey macarons that are made in Switzerland, frozen and shipped over to Australia. Think of all those carbon miles for a fancy little biscuit! I find the macarons here to be inconsistent. Some macarons are so delicate that they have fallen apart before you have even put them in your mouth.
Blackflower Patisserie (5/37 Ultimo Rd, Haymarket): Cute Asian-influenced macarons and cakes (they do a cheeseburger macaron) by Passionflower's sister store. Flavours are decent but there are some obvious consistency issues, in particular with the quality of the macaron shells in terms of size, gloss, and texture.