Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Guangxi pork bun @ Spice Temple

Spice Temple Guangxi pork bun  ($15?)
I have never dined in the Spice Temple restaurant, just the bar area. Spice Temple is incredibly dark, making it difficult to take pictures. It kind of reminds me of an opium den (not that I have been in one)! One thing that I can recommend if you are dining at the bar is the Guangxi pork bun, which is only served at the bar. This is much less famous than the wagyu beef burger served at Neil Perry’s other restaurant, Rockpool Bar and Grill, and in some ways I prefer the pork bun. The pork belly was served on a sweet, buttery and toasted brioche bun. Very crispy pork crackling. I actually found the crackling to be a little bit too hard and hard to bite through in places. The meat was tender, fatty and delicious. The sauce was well spiced and had a nice amount of heat. The heat was well balanced with the freshness of the crispy cucumber slices and coriander.  

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