Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ice Cream Sandwiches @ Kakawa Chocolates

Black sesame caramel with white chocolate ice cream sandwich
Kakawa Chocolates is my favourite chocolate store in Sydney. It is a tiny store run by husband/ wife team of David Ralph and Jin Sun. The main store is in Darlinghurst (147 William St, Darlinghurst) and recently they have opened a CBD store in the Gaffa Gallery (Ground floor 281 Clarence St Sydney), which is dangerous because it has become easier for me buy Kakawa chocolates as it is fairly close to my office.   
Today’s entry will be about my favourite post-lunch / work sugar hit in the CBD: Kakawa ice cream sandwiches ($5)! That’s right, delicious chocolate ice cream wedged between two chewy layers of chocolate cookie. Anyone that likes the ice cream sandwiches made by the renowned Pat and Sticks do, will absolutely love the ones at Kakawa.

The ice cream sandwiches come in a few different flavours:
  • dark chocolate
  • milk chocolate with sea salted caramel
  • white chocolate with brownie
  • white chocolate with green tea
  • black sesame caramel with white chocolate (new flavour)
I have tried them all and they are all good! My favourites are the sea salted caramel and the black sesame ones, which I tried for the first time today.  And it was amazingly delicious! Being Asian, I love black sesame desserts. I just love the nuttiness of black sesame. I prefer the black sesame to the green tea, which I believe has been replaced. The green tea one could have done with a bit more green tea flavour. 

After you eat these ice cream sandwiches, you will never want to touch a Maxi-bon again!

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