Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cornersmith, Marrickville - 11 May 2013

Cornersmith is one of the latest cafes to join the up and coming café scene in Marrickville, which already includes the notable Coffee Alchemy and Double Roasters. I had to drop my parents off at the airport on a Saturday morning, so I decided to head to Marrickville and then Newtown for a foodie morning. Cornersmith was the first stop for breakfast. We arrived the moment Cornersmith opened so we were the first sit-down customers.

Cornersmith (314 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville)
Blackboard menu
I just love the concept at Cornersmith. They have their own beehives at the rooftop of the café, where they make their own honey. They pickle their own vegetables and you can see them stored in the numerous jars as you walk into the café. And they use local produce so the blackboard menu changes daily depending on what produce is in season.

Soft Poached Eggs, White Sourdough Toast, Eggplant Chutney with side of Kale, Pink Lady Apple, Organic Bean Sprouts and Seeds 
Today I ordered the poached eggs with sourdough toast, eggplant chutney with a salad of kale and pink lady apple with organic bean sprouts and seeds. The poached egg was just divine! Parcels of soft egg white encased the warm, oozing egg yolk. Just delicious with toasted sourdough. How I love something as simple as a nicely poached egg! The salad was great and was quite refreshing. The eggplant chutney was enjoyable also. Great to spread on the toast. It was well spiced and had the right amount of sweetness.

Bowl of Yoghurt, Breakfast Millet with Vanilla Bean, Poached Rhubarb and Nuts
My wife ordered the breakfast bowl of yoghurt, millet with vanilla bean, poached rhubarb and nuts. This was a bowl of deliciousness. I love the sweet and sour from the poached rhubarb. The breakfast millet, which reminded me of porridge, was a pleasure to eat when mixed with the thick and creamy yoghurt.

Quince and Apple Shake
I also ordered the quince and apple shake, which was served in a glass jar. I just loved it! So delicious! It reminded me of an apple pie. Like a liquid dessert. 

Highlights: Quince and apple shake. 
Lowlights: Nothing based on this outing. The space is not huge and I have heard that it can get very busy especially during weekend lunch (this was not an issue for us as we got there right when they open at 7.30). 
Overall: Cornersmith is a great suburban cafe with good breakfast and lunch options that Marrickville locals should be proud to have. 7/10 (Great)

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