Thursday, 6 June 2013

Tonkotsu Ramen @ Gumshara Ramen

Got collagen? Gumshara Ramen most certainly does! Anyone slurping a bowl of tonkotsu ramen  from Gumshara will probably get a collogen mo from that thick porky broth, much like those moustaches donned by celebs  in the American Got Milk? ad campaigns.   

Today’s entry is about what I think is the best ramen in Sydney: Gumshara Ramen (Shop 211 25-29 Dixon St , Haymarket, NSW). You will find Gumshara in a run down food court called Eating World in Chinatown. There are other stores but Gumshara is the only one that will have a queue. Everyone comes for their lunchtime ramen fix at Gumshara because they know how awesome the ramen is.  I had to wait about 10 minutes to get my bowl of ramen.      

The ramen here is all about the tonkotsu broth. Apparently the broth needs 120kg(!?) of pork bones each day to make. For 7 days!  The soup uses only bones and water; the bones are cooked down until the marrow and tendons break down, filling the soup with collagen. For a really good write up on how the broth is made, read Grab Your Fork’s entry on Gumshara (  

The tonkotsu broth is really really thick! You will probably either love it or hate it as it is too thick for some. You will not find anything in Sydney like this. The broths at other ramen places are much lighter and more watered down. The converted ones will appreciate the incredibly rich and filling broth  that is packed with so much good porky flavour. The broth is so thick that if you take your time eating the ramen, you will see films of collagen form at the top. The ramen will also soak up the thick broth the longer you take, making it even harder to finish.

Besides the broth, the noodles themselves are great as they are bouncy, which is the way I like it. And the condiments are great to. Ordering the half boiled egg as an extra is a must. The yolk is so wonderfully gooey and rich. And you also get a good amount of pork slices.

Of course tonkotsu ramen at Gumshara is not something that you order all the time. Best to have it in moderation. The broth probably has 2000 calories and is so full of fat that excessive consumption will probably send one into a coma!

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