Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cow & the Moon Artisan Gelato, Enmore

Sydney seems to have been caught up in the wave of new frozen yoghurt store openings recently. Froyo seems to have become the popular late night dessert of choice. Not me, though. Nothing is more satisfying than a good gelato after a night out on the town. My favourite gelato fix in the Newtown / Enmore area is Cow and the Moon Artisan Gelato (181 Enmore Rd, Enmore), which is located near Enmore Theatre.

The moment you walk into Cow and Moon you know they are serious about making awesome gelato just from  the absurd number of medals they have hung up on the wall. On this occasion, we had a scoop of caramelised fig & walnut and also strawberries and cream,  so good ol’ classic flavours. On a separate visit my wife had a popcorn and salted caramel flavour. She reckons that this flavour is absolutely amazing and one of the best gelato flavours you can find in Sydney. Unfortunately they did not have this flavour this time. Oh well,  that just means I will need to come back another time. The thought of bits of popcorn with a great salted caramel is very intriguing. 

Caramelised Fig & Walnut
Strawberries and Cream
Both the caramelised fig and strawberry flavours are amazing, although we both agreed that the strawberries and cream is better of the two. The great thing about these particular flavours and the  gelato at Cow and Moon generally is that the flavours taste very natural; they do not taste artificial at all. And of course the gelato is so creamy and smooth.     

So in summary, if anyone is in the Newtown area and is looking for a sugar fix, I would highly recommend that you skip the litany of froyo stores on King St and drop by Cow and the Moon Gelato. I know I will be back soon to try the other flavours, even if it is on a cold winter’s night.       

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