Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Azuma Roll Cake @ Azuma Patisserie - 12 June 2013

Azuma Patisserie (580 George St, Sydney) is my favourite place for a Japanese cake in the Sydney CBD (Fuji Bakery in Killarney Heights is my favourite Japanese bakery in Sydney but that is a topic for another day). I have lost track of the number of times I have come to Azuma (maybe 100, who knows?!) for the tea set, which consists of a cake of your choice plus a pot of Azuma blend green tea. My top picks for cakes at Azuma are the green tea chiffon cake, the strawberry layer cake and mille feuille.

Today is our second wedding anniversary so my wife decided to surprise me by buying this Azuma roll cake. It was amazeballs as always! Azuma have perfected the sponge / chiffon cake. The sponge cake is so wonderfully soft, light, and fluffy. The loads of whipped cream in the centre of the roll cake is so moreish and is delightful to eat with the sponge cake. The cream is light, refreshing and not too sweet. And of course you have to have a variety of berries (in the form of strawberry, blackberry and raspberry) when you have cream. All in all, a very enjoyable Asian style roll cake that I will have again and again!  

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