Sunday, 2 June 2013

Blackflower Pattiserie

Blackflower Patisserie (5/37 Ultimo Rd, Haymarket) is the sister store of the popular late night Asian ice cream store Passionflower. Blackflower is located opposite Market City and specialises in pastries with Asian fusion flavours. In my quest to find the best macaron stores in Sydney, I was keen to see whether Blackflower’s cute little macarons were as good flavour wise as they looked.

Without further ado, here is what Qoo01 and MAB thought of what we tried:

(1) Panda macaron

How cute, a panda! That’s about where the good points stop for this macaron. The macaron shells were a problem with this macaron. The shape of the top was a bit wonky. It did not have a nice gloss. And they were smaller than the other macarons we tried. Texture was not great either. The shell was not crisp on the exterior and the macaron was way too chewy. The flavour was salted caramel and was not bad but not spectacular.

(2) Cheeseburger macaron 

The detail on this macaron is really quite amazing considering a macaron is quite a small pastry. The cheese and the tomato sauce are created with fondant and the sesame seeds on the macaron shell really do make this macaron look like a cheeseburger. That’s where the similarity stops with an actual cheeseburger as the macaron is actually sweet (thank goodness!). The pattie is chocolate ganache. This macaron is almost too cute to eat. The texture of this macaron is quite a bit better than the panda macaron, although it is still a bit chewy for mind. The macaron shells are much better. Nice and round and crispy on the outside. The chocolate ganache was rich and had pretty good flavour although I found it a bit too sweet. Also fondant does not taste good in macarons.  
(3) Black sesame macaron

The black sesame macaron was the best out of the macarons we tried. Texture was great. It was slightly chewy and melted in the mouth. The black sesame flavour was very good. I love the nuttiness of black sesame. This macaron ticked all the boxes of what a good macaron should have.
(4) Patron XO and Chocolate macaron        

This macaron had quite a hit of alcohol from the Patron XO. The rich chocolate flavours seemed to go well with the Patron. I found this macaron was a bit too delicate as it was falling apart too easily as I was eating it.

(5) Orgy cake

We also tried the cake called “Orgy”. The cake had alternating layers of cream and sponge cake with flavours of sweet miso, burnt caramel and salted toffee. This sounded quite enticing as I love caramel and soft Asian sponge cakes and the flavour combinations sound interesting. I really wanted to like this cake but unfortunately I did not. The flavours never grew on me as I kept eating it. This cake still puzzles me to this day. I felt that this cake lacked flavour balance. The burnt caramel / salted toffee just tasted weird. It was too salty and there was not enough sugar to counteract the salt. The sweetness from the white chocolate layer at the top was just not enough. Also I think this cake would have been better if there was more sponge. There was too much cream. On the other hand, Qoo01 actually liked the orgy cake. She says the saltiness reminded her of a Chinese style cracker with cheese filling.      

Highlight: The black sesame macaron was a winner
Lowlight: The balance of flavour in the Orgy cake was out of whack
Overall:  Blackflower is a nice little spot that sells cakes and macarons with Asian fusion flavours.  Flavours are mostly decent but there are some obvious consistency issues. Come here, if only for the novelty factor of the cheeseburger macaron. 5.5/10 (OK) 

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