Saturday, 19 July 2014

How to Order Online with Menulog - Oriental Ricebox

The last thing that I often want to do after a long day in the office is to have to cook dinner. Sometimes I just want to go home and chill out. This is where online ordering websites like Menulog ( come in to give me a day off from the kitchen. A number of restaurants on Menulog also provide home delivery service (free deliveries for orders over $25), so you can truly have a lazy night in.

Thanks to the good people at Menulog, I received a $30 voucher to test out their website. It was freezing outside so I needed something to warm the soul. Thai curry fits the bill well so I decided to use the voucher to order a few dishes from Oriental Ricebox in Burwood for dinner with my folks and have them delivered to my doorstep. 

The Menulog website is easy to use and there are heaps of restaurants to choose from (over 3500 restaurants). And as I will find out later, it's a very reliable service (and free to use too). Here are the simple steps you need to follow to order your meal on Menulog:

Step 1: Go to and type in your suburb
Step 2: Choose your restaurant
Step 3: Select yummy dishes that catch your fancy
Step 4: Fill in your details so the delivery man knows where to go (including the delivery time)
Step 5: Time to pay so enter your credit card details
Congratulations! You have successfully placed an order with Menulog :)
You should then receive an SMS to confirm your order from Menulog
Now the waiting game. I chose to have my food delivered at a later time (at 6.30pm) and my food was promptly delivered just after 6.30, to my growling stomach's pleasure.

So how was the food? It was great for takeaway! The curries were all tasty and they arrived piping hot; this confirmed why Oriental Ricebox is featured in the SMH Good Food Under $30 guide.  

The curries were decently priced too around the $13 or $14 mark. The portions may not big, but you get lots and lots of sauce (My Kitchen Rules judge Manu Feildel would never complain about lack of sauce here). Perfect with a bowl of fluffy boiled rice!

Fruity Duck Curry ($14.50)
The fruity duck curry consisted of pieces of roasted duck in a spicy red Thai curry sauce, with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, grape, apples and cucumber. 

"Mosman" Beef Curry ($12.50)
More sweet than spicy, the Mosman beef curry (in reference to the restaurant's former home in the North shore) came as tender chunks of beef and creamy potatoes simmered in coconut milk, and Thai massamun curry.

Green Chicken Curry ($12.50)
Green chicken curry was just as expected: hunks of chicken and vegetables in an aromatic, spicy Thai green sauce with kafir lime leaves and basil.

Vegetarian Red Curry ($12.50)
And for my vegetarian wife, we ordered a mild vegetarian red curry to cater for her low tolerance to spicy food.

I am satisfied with Oriental Ricebox and the Menulog service. Menulog is very easy to use and with so many restaurants serving many different cuisines, it probably won't be too long before I will use Menulog again. 

I received a $30 voucher from Menulog. Thanks to Joshua Sorell for arranging this opportunity. Opinions are my own.       

Oriental Ricebox
Address: 131 Liverpool Rd, Burwood NSW 2134
Contact no: (02) 9744 9929 

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