Sunday, 1 December 2013

Gumption by Coffee Alchemy - 30 Nov 2013

"Coffee Alchemy has opened in the Sydney CBD!" This is basically what I have been telling everyone this weekend.

Coffee Alchemy is my favourite place for coffee in Sydney but it is all the way in Marrickville. This means I would need to make a special trip on the weekend to have my favourite cup of coffee (which I do from time to time, but not nearly as often as I would like). Hazel de los Reyes is the woman behind Coffee Alchemy and she has truly mastered the art of making coffee. The coffee beans are roasted onsite in Marrickville and thoroughly taste tested before use.

Hazel has decided to bring Coffee Alchemy closer to the caffeine-addicted city crowd with the opening of Gumption, which is located in the ground floor of the Strand Arcade. Gumption, like Coffee Alchemy, is all about coffee so there is no food. It is not a cafe, more like a coffee bar (much like those found in Italy). 

I have been eagerly awaiting Gumption's opening for a number of weeks now. As my office is literally next door, it feels like I have been walking pass the store every day to see if there is any sign of an opening. During my lunch break on last Friday, I noticed that Hazel and her staff were setting things up in the store so I stuck my head in and asked Hazel when Gumption would be opening. As soon as she told me it would be the next day, I had the biggest grin on my face and told her that I would see her for their grand opening :D

Xmas season at the Strand and the packed Strand Espresso -_-
I got to Gumption at about 10.30am Saturday morning and it was not particularly busy (I know it is early days). I then looked over to the other coffee place, Strand Espresso, and it was packed. The coffee there is pretty average in my opinion, so the fact that food is sold there can be the only explanation for its crowds.
Alchemy baristas at work
Gumption has a completely different vibe from the Marrickville store. The Marrickville store is much darker and looks like a warehouse / industrial space.  Instead, Gumption is a bright, spacious and contemporary coffee bar.
Standing room only: the counter area where one can enjoy their coffee 
As always, I ordered a cappuccino. It does without saying that this was an amazing coffee! The coffees here are aromatic, bold, smooth and have a well rounded flavour profile with a variety of different notes.

Standard coffees are $3.50 for takeaway and $4.00 for have-in, which is more expensive than the Marrickville store and most other coffee stores in the CBD. I blame the exorbitant cost of rent in the city for this but I do not mind paying extra for top-quality like this.

Cappuccino ($4)
As it is next to my office, Gumption will be my new regular coffee place in the CBD. I cannot function without first having my caffeine hit in the morning so I think I shall be spinning by here 5 days a week to get my Coffee Alchemy fix. The coffees are so good here that it might just lure me back for an espresso in the afternoon...

Gumption by Coffee Alchemy

Address: Strand Arcade, Ground Floor, Shop 11, 412 - 414 George St, Sydney

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