Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lambs Hearts and Minds @ Bistrode CBD

Bistrode CBD (1/52 King St  Sydney NSW 2000) is Jeremy Strode’s 1-hatted restaurant above Hotel CBD. Bistrode serves Modern British cuisine and is quite popular with the corporate crowd. I have been to Bistrode a few times, each time wondering why it has been awarded a chef’s hat . I have had many much cheaper meals at non-hatted restaurants that I have so enjoyed much more than Bistrode.

Anyway, there is one dish that I thoroughly enjoy having when I am at Bistrode CBD: Lambs Hearts and Minds ($19 entree) . It is, as the name of the dish suggests, lambs brains, which have been deep fried and served with tartare sauce,  and grilled lambs hearts. The dish also comes with a salad of green beans, bitter salad leaves, and almonds.  

Lambs Hearts and Minds ($19)


Once you get over the fact that you are indeed eating brains and are not Hannibal Lecter for doing so, lamb brains are quite a treat and very delicious. They are crumbed and deep fried so you get a nice, crispy exterior. This crispy outside goes very well with brain, which is creamy and just melts in your mouth. I am always happy to see lamb brains on menus at restaurants but unfortunately they are not that popular probably because of the cringe factor. And of course the tartare sauce is great and goes well with fried food.

The lamb hearts are also delicious. They are still slightly pink in the centre and not over cooked and have great flavour. And the salad, which has been dressed with vinegar, is fresh and nicely crisp.    

So if you do go to Bistrode CBD, I would recommend that you try the Lambs Hearts and Minds, if there is nothing else that catches your fancy.  It really is great brain food (not sure if it will make you any smarter though)!           

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